About us

Allegheny Gnar was founded as a nonprofit organization in 2023 by Jim Cole and Russell Lineman.  Our mission is to build, maintain and promote new MTB trails in the Allegheny region.  Unlike most organizations similar to us we primarily work with private land owners to build or maintain existing trails that were previously off the map.  

We strive to build unique mostly hand built trails that complement the rugged natural terrain in our area.  When building a trail we work with what nature gives us, not against it and leave as small as a footprint as possible. 

When we aren't building new trails we work just as hard to maintain and improve existing trails. We aim to assist the land owners we work with by maintaining, monitoring and improving the trails on their land when they allow cyclist or hikers to access their property. 

To promote our trails and raise money for future trail projects we have started the Allegheny Gnar DH Race Series and plan to host multiple events per year in the region.  Our events mostly focus on gravity riding and are unique to this region.  We give competitors an opportunity to participate without traveling 5+ hours to the nearest similar event.  Unlike almost all other DH events, we offer true beginner classes on their own beginner course and a free riding clinics to act as a gateway into the sport of DH racing.  We hope to grow the gravity community in our region which will then help our cause up building and maintaining more riding areas.  The proceeds of these events are put 100% back into the cause to build, improve and promote mountain bike trails in our region.